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U1 helped DEECD come up with a digital strategy to best promote its Learn Local education programs to end users.


  • Strategy
  • Desk research
  • In-depth interviews

The Adult Community and Further Education Board (AFCE) called upon U1 Group to find out how it could best promote its education programs to end users.

The brief

ACFE is a government board that facilitates education programs through various providers. The initiative is branded ‘Learn Local’.

The Board came to U1 asking for help figuring out the best strategy to promote Learn Local to end users, as ACFE was divided on what approach to take. Some thought a Learn Local website with the bells and whistles was the answer, while others felt that focusing on the current use of Facebook and maintaining the Learn Local Facebook page was more appropriate.

Our approach

The first challenge was to look at the bigger picture. What was working and not working in the sector as a whole? How did Learn Local providers reach current and prospective students? Did they think a website was appropriate to them? How did students currently interact with the Learn Local brand?

U1 ran interviews with both ACFE and education providers and plowed through a plethora of user research compiled by ACFE. Both these techniques gave our team the insight it needed to come up with the most effective strategy.

The results

ACFE wanted to champion the future of its business, but this would not be easy. After rounds of rigorous research, U1 discovered that the sector was incredibly diverse. They had to address skills, administration capabilities, resourcing, funding, culture, processes, attitudes, just to name a few.

U1 team concluded that imposing a bells and whistles one-size-fits-all website was not the answer. The best strategy would be to facilitate a simple Learn Local website that could act as the ‘home’ Learn Local, providing guidance and support for the sector to grow and mature independently, and to better reach out and promote it’s role and services to prospective and current students and direct them to a provider that is local to them.

In addition, U1 recommended that ACFE better support individual providers to connect with their individual target markets. This approach would enable providers to better connect with their individual target markets and more effectively explain what learning opportunities students could take part in. Methods U1 suggested included:

  • Encouraging leadership amongst providers to promote best practice to other providers.
  • Encouraging the use of social media networks and guidance on how to use them.
  • Implementing a governance framework that would enable the sector to grow and mature more effectively, with minimal input from ACFE.

As part of the strategy, U1 assisted ACFE implement a governance resourcing framework, which included the formation of a web management team and the hiring of a Network Manager. 

The new website is currently in production.

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