Vicroads website screenshot
VicRoads’ mobile website is modelled on the behaviour patterns of mobile users.


  • Surveys
  • Desk research
  • In-depth interviews

When Vicroads wanted to check how motorists would react to its mobile website, U1 popped by to measure how well it satisfied users on the go.

The brief

VicRoads has a large number of customers Australia-wide and uses its website as a primary communication tool. To cater for as many users as possible, the organisation also has a user-friendly mobile version of its website – but it hasn’t always been up to scratch.

Our findings

U1 was brought in to provide direction on its mobile strategy. To make sure the Vicroads mobile site met users’ expectations, U1 conducted user research to find out why users would engage in VicRoads’ website from a mobile device in the first place.

Through desk research, reviewing Google Analytics data, running surveys and compiling feedback from in-depth interviews, U1 was able to gather information pertaining to user’s mental models and behaviour patterns when accessing VicRoads’ mobile website. These findings were then broken down into recommendations on how the site could be improved.

The results

Thanks to U1’s user research and mobile site evaluation, VicRoads was able to implement positive changes to enhance its existing interface. VicRoads also now has a great understanding of how to its user’s think and what their expectations are from a mobile perspective for future reference.

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