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At U1, we love hearing from people. So get in touch! Whether you have a query about the work we do, who's on our team or when's the next training event, give us a shout via email or phone.

Achieve certainty with us

At U1, it is our mission to provide crystal clear certainty in digital execution. Uncover the valuable insights that make or break your business.

Thankfully, we've been pioneers in this business for more than a decade. And since the beginning, our team has tried and tested thousands of digital experiences, fortunate enough to work with all kinds of clients with diverse business challenges. 

We are not a One Stop Shop that offers web development in a whizz-bang package; we are specialists in research, insight and strategy. This means you can rely on us to produce the best results and assured ROI at all times. We stand unswayed by what we’d prefer to build, or what’s easiest to code. 

But if you’re looking to create a website, don't stress. We still offer an end-to-end solution. U1 has many long-standing partnerships with web developers who can bring your digital platform to life – that is, once we've done the research, insight and strategy to back it up.

Think of it this way: We offer a definitive journey to success, not just a flashy design.

See our approach to find out more.

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U1 staff brainstorming ideas around the lunch table

"At U1, we understand how people interact with the digital world. You can trust our highly skilled consultants to dig deep into the minds of your users and advise on the best path forward towards sucess.

Your organisation will have all the tools it needs to be certain you've made something users will want to come back to, again and again."

– Shefik Bey, Managing Director
Shefik Bey
Managing Director, U1 Group

Shefik is the leader and co-founder of U1. Previously Global Vice President of online market research company RedSheriff, Shefik broke away to bring his niche passion for usability to the Australian marketplace. One of the country's true UX pioneers, he is constantly seeking out knowledge and is an expert in all things business management and project development.

Toby Biddle
Director, U1 Group and Loop11

Toby has been a UX professional with a background in market research for more than 15 years. He is focused on bringing affordable, quantitative user experience testing to the masses. As a result, Toby has set up Loop11 in addition to U1 - a web application that allows anyone to conduct their own online user testing studies, without the need for moderators or swanky labs.

Matt Poll
General Manager, Sydney

Matt has spent the last decade and a half leading projects and programs that transform the digital capability of organisations and connect organisations to their customers. Joining April 2013, U1 Group welcomes Matt to the team. His outstanding credentials spanning both business and technology will be a very powerful asset our clients can benefit from.

Sean Smith
UX Director, Melbourne

With over 16 years’ UX experience, Sean is an invaluable member of U1 who leads our Melbourne team of consultants. Sean has worked in Australia, UK, Europe and USA and has qualifications in Psychology and Software Design. He has a keen interest in how we understand and interact with the environment around us and how that relates to the design of interfaces, products and services.

Meet the U1 team

Gwyn Evelyn
UX consultant
Emily Goddard
Client Service Support
Alysia Hill
UX Consultant
Ping How
Finance Manager
Natalie Khoo
Marketing Manager
Keren Kredi
Office Manager (Sydney)
Nilma Perera
UX Consultant
Andrew Ross
UX consultant
Tamsin Stanford
UX Manager, Melbourne
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