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Forget Roger, where’s my mobile site?

Shefik Director, U1 Group and Loop11 21st May, 2010

There’s a clever little ad campaign being run on the telegraph poles on my walk home at the moment. Lost dog posters have been appearing all around Melbourne, and I assume in other capital cities, offering a $250,000 reward for a lost dog (living in Melbourne’s inner north, I actually didn’t give the reward a second thought the first time I saw it; people really love their dogs around here). In place of a phone number, the posters give a link It’s pretty obvious that it’s an ad campaign straight away, but I liked the approach they had taken and the posters made me laugh, so I promptly whipped out my iPhone as I walked home and headed over to the site to see what the campaign was for.

Of course, the posters are part of a larger competition being run by Schmackos dog snacks. I thought this was a pretty neat campaign really; Schmackos have a pretty fun brand image, and the funny posters sat nicely alongside that. What I didn’t like so much is the website. It’s not optimised for mobile browsers. When running an ad campaign that is targeting people walking around the streets, surely it’s a fair expectation that, as I did, they will take the bait and follow the URL straight away. What use, then, is a website that can’t display some of the key content for getting people to interact with your campaign? When the site loaded on my phone I had not idea where I should go next, and I had difficulty discerning which elements of the page where interactive and which were not. Call to action? Video? Not there either. But here's Roger in Chrome...


Screenshot of the Where's Roger campaign

When developing anything for the online space, it is important to remember that it does not exist in isolation. Ask yourself why people are coming to your site, what they have come to do, where are the coming from and how did they hear about you? If you are running promotion for a site, does the website meet the expectations set by your campaign? If you don’t ask these fundamental questions before development, you may find that your hard work misses the mark. What would otherwise have been a really fun, seamless campaign for Schmackos misses a great opportunity for engagement just through one decision that wasn’t well thought through.


About The Author

Shefik Director, U1 Group and Loop11

Shefik is an innovator who has influenced the growth of UX – in Australia and the world – for the past 30 years. He has a proven track record delivering digital strategies that drive clients to success. His strengths range from research and insight to entrepreneurship, project management and visionary business development. Always pushing boundaries, he has a curious nature and loves discovering new things.


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