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How to keep up and make design decisions quickly – with U1 Rapid

Sean Owner 15th Sep, 2016

There is a lot of talk in recent times about slowing down. Slow food, slow living and slow travel… Even slow money. And while I have no doubt there is merit in giving ourselves more time to connect with what’s important to us, we sometimes find ourselves with no choice but to move rapidly.

At U1 Group, we understand moving rapidly can be beneficial – particularly when it comes to making interface design decisions. But moving quickly with design when working in a lean enterprise setting has its challenges.

When testing, sometimes you just need an answer quickly. Like yesterday. Product teams want insights to inform their decisions, but traditional approaches can be perceived as too slow – particularly when it comes to iterating an interface design. By the time teams receive findings, they have already moved onto their next sprint.

Implement an approach that complements agile user testing

We work with many clients who value rigorously designed ‘deep-dive’ research. These methods provide great depth and breadth, allowing clients to better understand themselves and their customers. In turn, this knowledge empowers clients to make informed decisions about the design and delivery of products and services.

But with agile methodologies increasingly being used in product and interface design and development, decisions need to be made more rapidly. That’s why at U1 Group, we’ve been developing research approaches suited to a lean way of working.

Now, we are looking to take this one step further.

"We want to provide a research approach that delivers insights within an even shorter timeframe. Our goal is to turn around a research project within five days, from kick-off to delivery. We call this U1 Rapid." 

Say hello to U1 Rapid – a new solution for results within just five days

U1 Rapid clearly does not apply to all projects or address all questions. But we feel the new service can definitely assist product teams who are iterating visual design solutions or prototypes, and have very specific questions they need answered about those interfaces.

To start with, we’re rolling out U1 Rapid with a focus on online user testing – but we will be exploring its application to moderated user research in the future.

If you’d like to hear more about U1 Rapid and how it might help you or your team, then please get in touch.


About The Author

Sean Owner

Sean joined U1 Group back in 2010 as a Senior Consultant and since then his role has evolved going on to become Managing Director and now Owner of the business. Sean has been involved in experience research and strategy for over 20 years. With a background in Psychology and a keen interest in technology, Sean is passionate about the use of research to inform experience design decisions. He firmly believes that the best experiences are those which recognise the human that resides at the centre of all interactions.


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