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Implementing a CX framework, presented at UX Australia 2015

Rosie Former Head of Analytics & Insights 23rd Sep, 2015

In August, I co-presented at UX Australia with Renee Farnham (Strategy Lead, The Design Practice) from Telstra.

Our presentation ‘A bridge between two worlds’ tells of the journey we've been through with Telstra to better understand its service experience and improve advocacy. The presentation showcases real life work that we undertook to create and implement a rigorous CX (customer experience) framework, using both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

See what we've done and apply similar strategies to your workplace.

CX framework example from Telstra

Key benefits of devising the CX framework

  • Linking quantitative with qualitative techniques can significantly improve the ability to understand customers holistically.
  • We can understand our customer needs better than ever. We can improve experiences, and ultimately measure success.
  • We have created a tool to understand existing service environments and prioritise findings on customer experiences that have the biggest potential to drive change.

Watch the video 

This clip runs for 23 minutes and can also be viewed via our YouTube channel.

View the slides

A bridge between two worlds – where qual and quant meet: Slides from UX Australia 2015 from U1 Group

Bonus Q&A on quantitative research

To give you a bit of context, here is a 4-minute Q&A session I put together to discuss:

  • Why does quantitative research matter to customer experience?
  • What happens when organisations don't include quant research as part of their UX/CX approach?
  • What can organisation do to bridge the knowledge gap?
  • How much of an investment does it take to create and implement a CX framework?

To find out more, or see how our Analytics & Insights Practice can help, please contact us on (03) 9684 3470 or We look forward to hearing from you.

About The Author

Rosie Former Head of Analytics & Insights

With 18+ years’ experience in quantitative research and an honours degree in statistics, Rosie has provided many businesses with valuable, practical and actionable insights. Through data, she helps clients better understand what drives customer advocacy. She is passionate about improving processes and service delivery, developing new products and services, and using metrics to benchmark and track success.


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