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Industry report - Competitive Usability Review: Australia’s ‘Big Four’ Banks

Chris Former UX Consultant 12th Jun, 2014
Logos of the big four banks in Australia: Commonwealth Bank, Wespac, ANZ and National Australia Bank.

U1 Group conducted research into the banking sector to better understand how well Australia’s major four banking websites are meeting user needs and behaviours. Research also was carried out to determine whether the banks are delivering memorable experiences as part of their online offering.

Research Methodology

Using our proprietary online usability tool, Loop11, we asked Australian online users to undertake tasks on the websites belonging to each of the major four banks: National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and Wespac. Tasks were designed to test a service offered by all banks and resemble common tasks or queries users may have.

  • Task 1 - “You are running low on cash and need to know where the closest ATM is to you, so you can make a withdrawal. Please use the website to find the closest ATM to you.”
  • Task 2 - “You are interested in applying for a mortgage but want to see the current interest rates before making a decision. Please use the website to find what the interest rate is for a 5 year fixed rate mortgage.”
  • Task 3 - “You are planning a trip to America and want to know what the current exchange rate is between the Australian Dollar (AUD) and the American Dollar (USD). Please use the website to find the value of $200AUD cash in USD.”

The results?

To find out the results, as well as deep insight into the attitudes and behaviours of banking customers, please download the full industry report by entering your email address below. A copy will be sent straight to your inbox.

About The Author

Chris Former UX Consultant

Chris combines a strategic understanding and application of research methods with a passion for digital (the perfect blend of skills for an experience researcher!). He enjoys incorporating the latest gadgets in his approach. Experienced in both qualitative and quantitative methods, he contributed to projects through discovery work as well as validation of designs and experiences.


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