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Online Industry Report:

Danica Former UX Consultant 9th Sep, 2013 is a website advertised as the perfect way to source everything that users need to turn their weekends and getaways into memorable ones.  Users are encouraged to find and book the best deals on hotels, international flights, domestic flights, holidays, gifts and other experiences.

U1 decided to collect some data on what users prefer to see when they go online to book an experience on  We wanted to discover what aspects and features are important to users when booking, say for example, a flight or accommodation online.

Our research found that when users go online to book an experience, the most important services to them were flights, accommodation and holiday packages.  Two features that users also deemed very important when booking an online experience were:

  • Explanation of the booking fee; and
  • Contact details (phone and email) for the travel booking company.

Finally, the ability to sort results by price was of key importance to users attempting to narrow down results on an online travel booking website, and should be considered for your own travel booking website.

This research illustrates the value and benefits of conducting online quantitative usability testing, and shows how you could use the same methodology to improve your own online business.  Through the use of online user testing tools such as Loop11, you can continually benchmark your website’s performance by collecting data such as:

  • Task completion rates
  • Time spent on task
  • Pages viewed when completing a task, and
  • User ratings on their experience of using the site.

It is also possible with tools like Loop11 to gain greater insight into why people are visiting your site and their satisfaction with their experience through ‘True Intent’ studies. The insights gained from this type of study go beyond your standard web analytics and help you understand the behaviours represented in the analytics.

To read the full report, please download it by entering in your email address in the field below.

About The Author

Danica Former UX Consultant

Danica previously worked with us and was a great community hero; incredibly passionate about doing work that benefitted people’s quality of life and projects that influenced public policy. With a background in market research, psychology, biology, international relations and political science, Danica would continually grow her understanding of the psychological basis of behaviour, and explore how people used technology.


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