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Usability Benchmarking

Toby Director, U1 Group and Loop11 1st Dec, 2014

Most usability studies focus on discovering usability problems, understanding why people get confused by a website and trying to fix problems. A benchmarking study doesn’t care about why: it’s a raw measure of user performance.

And by capturing the current level of ease of use of a website or application, a reference point is created that can be measured against, enabling someone to set goals and expectations around ease of use for the future.

Why do benchmark usability testing?

Benchmark usability testing takes less time, has more reach and involves more participants than any other form of usability testing. It has the following benefits:

  1. We can collect robust usability metrics. Because we use a large number of participants in each evaluation (over 100), you can collect reliable measures of task completion rate, time on task and user satisfaction: the three cornerstones of usability as defined by the usability standard, ISO 9241.
  2. The testing set-up reflects real-world usage. Each participant uses the site alone for about 15 minutes, which is a better reflection of actual usage than a traditional usability test, where the participant is accompanied and may be asked to use the site for over an hour. And because participants carry out the test in their home or place of work, this kind of testing also has a more realistic contextual element.
  3. It's cheap. Because the test is unmoderated, we're able to price it much cheaper than a traditional, lab-based usability study.

The methodology

We recommend benchmarking is carried out either monthly or quarterly, depending on the amount of activity and change your website goes through. Reporting focuses on the key usability metrics and goals that we set in conjunction with you. These are then used to measure against in the future.


A standard benchmarking starts at $2,500 for the first benchmarking report and $1,000 for each subsequent report.

Please contact us via (03) 9684 3470 or for more information. 

About The Author

Toby Director, U1 Group and Loop11

Toby has been a UX professional with a background in market research for more than 15 years. He is focused on bringing affordable, quantitative user experience testing to the masses. As a result, Toby has set up Loop11 in addition to U1 - a web application that allows anyone to conduct their own online user testing studies, without the need for moderators or swanky labs.


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