• Are your UX research efforts a complete waste of time?

    When it comes to user experience research, a critical but often overlooked component is the representative users themselves. Research participants, as we like to call them, have the ability to really make or break your research project. Recruit the wrong participants, and you risk...

  • 5 lessons learned from running user research in an agile environment

    Lately, U1 has been undertaking a lot of research for companies working in a mostly agile environment. Naturally, we’ve been working really hard to refine our research techniques and methodologies to work effectively and keep up with the fast pace – without compromising on...

  • The first commandment of good UX: Know thy users!

    We recently completed a project for a client which at first appeared to be a fairly typical project: they came to us and provided us with a site to test, talked us through the potential problems they believed the site had, told us who...

  • When and how to factor accessibility in to your redevelopment or project design

    With the Web Accessibility National Transition Strategy now well underway, a common question that comes up when speaking with clients is when and how to factor accessibility into the redevelopment or design of a website. It can be hard to think about accessibility when...

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