• Using generative research in experience design

    For the last couple of years, the U1 team has been using generative research to inform complex customer design solutions. It has resulted in some great experiences and projects that I want to share in this article. Before we plunge into the detail, here's...

  • Co-design is easy: 5 ways you can include client teams in user research projects

    If you work in user research or design for an agency or consultancy, co-design is one of those words you might be hearing more and more from potential clients these days. If you work client-side, you’re probably seeing it pop up in a lot...

  • Turning CX research into a strategy

    Last month I hosted a workshop with 25 senior executives from companies around Australia at the third annual NG Customer Experience Summit. There was a wide variety of experience levels amongst the participants and a range of topics related to CX covered. My aim...

  • Rethinking Segments: Using motivation as inspiration

    As a researcher, I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to spend copious amounts of time talking to people about who they are and what they do and why. It’s my job and it really is a superb way to get paid. The most...

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