• Design research: The (not so) secret art of observation

    Observation is a powerful yet often overlooked tool in the world of experience design. This article looks at why observation is useful, when and where it can be used and how to hone your observation skills to improve your research outcomes. In the context...

  • Understanding Users Through Contextual Enquiry

    Contextual enquiries are a great way to explore how, where and why people use a product or service. This article discusses what contextual interviews involve, why they are important and what to consider when planning this kind of research. What is a contextual enquiry?...

  • Roadside assistance: what’s driving users away?

    It’s 10pm, pouring with rain and your car’s broken down on the freeway. Lucky you’ve got emergency roadside assistance and help is just a phone call away. Or is it? For many people, an investment in roadside assistance is well worth the couple-of-hundred bucks...

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