Introducing our resident U1 office dogs

By: Emily Goddard
Date: March, 2016
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If you’ve ever visited our Melbourne or Sydney offices, you may have had the pleasure of meeting some very special members of our team. They have four legs, fur and wet noses… That’s right – our dogs! Our office dogs not only provide entertainment, they also keep our offices stress-free. We love their vibrant energy – it facilitates a very happy, productive work environment.

Back in the old days, we had Scamp (a little white terrier) patrol the grounds. But these days, we say hello to many other dogs that woof their way through our doors. Introducing…

Griffin (owner: Sean)

Griffin the Spoodle is the original member of the Melbourne team. In his younger days, he had a penchant for looking for food in people’s bags and going through rubbish bins. But he has since matured! His friendly nature makes him a hit with humans. Tug-of-war and fetch are Griffin’s favourite games, although nothing beats an afternoon nap.

Jack (owner: Tony)

Jack the Golden Retriever is the new kid in the Melbourne team having made his first appearance at just three months old. Having recently celebrated his first birthday, Jack has grown to become a gentle giant with a cruisy, laid back nature. Jack and Griffin love a good play-date in the office (this usually involves sleeping in between furious bouts of chasy!).

Lori (owner: Charlotte)

Lori the Spoodle is the princess of the Melbourne team, often coming into the office after a grooming session. Her calm nature and ability to perform tricks on command keeps us all entertained. When Charlotte steps away from her desk, Lori has a habit of taking control of the HR department.

Marco (owner: Lindsey)

Marco the 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel is the gentleman of the Sydney team. He loves making an appearance at the office and goes from person to person looking for affection. His cuddles are well renowned amongst the team. His favourite games include tug-of-war with his teddy and hide-and-seek.

Ruby (owner: Natalie)

Ruby is a 7-year-old staffy that loves nothing more than greeting team members with a gross sloppy kiss. She is quite silly for her age. However, being one of the older dogs in the Melbourne office, she does like to curl up on a blanket and chill out while we’re all hard at work.

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