Australia's longest-standing UX/CX and Design research consultancy

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Who we are

U1 is an independent specialist research consultancy that places humans at the centre of the design process. Since 2001, we have been providing our partners with the evidence-based perspective and understanding that drives informed decision making.

What we do

Our team delivers an independent, thorough and evidence-driven approach.

Built on the right mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods that will help you to design and deliver the experience your customers are looking for.


A few of our clients

We’ve collaborated with hundreds of clients across dozens of industries to help them understand their users and make informed decisions.

Featured articles

  • How many users do I need?

    Have you ever wondered about, or been asked to justify, the sample size used in a usability test? Well, you're not alone! In this article we'll explain why we are confident that six is enough, and how limiting sample size allows for iterative usability...

  • Sample size in design research

    In a previous article that you can read here, I wrote about the rationale, and guidelines, for choosing an appropriate sample size in usability testing. However, usability testing, or evaluative research, is not the only time you might be asked to defend, or provide...

  • Design research: The (not so) secret art of observation

    Observation is a powerful yet often overlooked tool in the world of experience design. This article looks at why observation is useful, when and where it can be used and how to hone your observation skills to improve your research outcomes. In the context...

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