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U1 Group is Australia’s longest-standing experience research and strategy consultancy

We believe the quality of your customer and user experience is crucial – guesswork is not good enough. At U1 Group, we use evidence to enable you to clearly achieve your customer experience goals.

Our Heritage

We bring the know-how derived from thousands of projects delivered since 2001. Over time, our horizons have expanded beyond digital experiences to encompass the entire customer experience. With U1 Group, you can make informed decisions and be confident that you will succeed.

Our Purpose

Providing the evidence-based perspective and understanding that leads to the recognition of opportunity and delivery of the best possible customer experience.

What We Do

Our experienced team delivers an independent, thorough and evidence-driven approach. An approach that is built on the right mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods that will help you to design and deliver the experience your customers are looking for.

How U1 Group can help

In designing and delivering your customer experience you will have many questions. Here are just a few of the questions we can help you to answer:

Who is my audience?

How do they behave? What do they need or value? What motivates them? What is their current and potential future relationship with my organisation? How do I reach them?

What does success look like?

What is important to my organisation and our customers? How will we measure success? What information should we be capturing about our customers and their experiences?

What does the experience involve?

What engagement, or interactions, should the experience incorporate? What touch points and channels are involved? How do I map the customer journey?

What should it look like?

What should the interface look like? When considering alternative design approaches (visual and interaction), which works best?

What features should I prioritise?

From an organisational perspective what delivers the most value? From a customer perspective, what are they most likely to benefit from and value?

Can we deliver on the promise?

What internal processes and/or relationships need to be in place to ensure we deliver the intended customer experience? How can I evaluate the customer experience?

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Meet the owners

At U1 Group we value empathy, curiosity and collaboration. Our team is experienced, passionate and enthusiastic about helping you address your customer and user experience design challenges.
Sean Smith

Sean has been involved in experience research and strategy for over 20 years. With a background in Psychology and a keen interest in technology, Sean is passionate about the use of research to inform experience design decisions. He firmly believes that the best experiences are those which recognise the human that resides at the centre of all interactions.

Tony Eustace

Tony has been at the intersection of research and technology for over two decades. In 1997, he co-founded the digital market research and audience measurement firm Red Sheriff and conducted world-first user testing online. Tony is passionate about collaborating with clients to help uncover growth opportunities and deliver a far superior customer experience.

Some of our clients

Since 2001 we have worked with many clients, here are just a few of them
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Case study: Telstra

CX - a bridge between two worlds

The Brief

From 2012 to 2015 we worked closely with Telstra to help this major Australian company better understand its service experience and improve advocacy.

The Outcome

Working as a partner with Telstra’s Design Practice, we created and implemented a rigorous CX (customer experience) framework. Telstra applied it to help them:

  • Benchmark and track customer feedback and metrics over time, to identify gaps in the customer experience, monitor changes and recognise successesof the business of the biggest risks to advocacy and the mitigation required

  • Understand results and prioritise actions from ongoing CX research and testing activities

Ultimately, the framework enables Telstra to drive better business outcomes by understanding their customer needs better than ever, improving experiences, and ultimately measuring success.

Case study: Swinburne University of Technology

A 'less is more' approach to understanding different audiences

The Brief

In the context of a changing and highly competitive education sector, Swinburne University of Technology had identified the need for a digital strategy to support the transformation of its website.

The Outcome

We were able to create personas with accompanying future state user journeys to support Swinburne’s view of how people could (or should) interact with their online channels. The resulting Digital Strategy and Roadmap contained recommendations relating to content, information architecture, features and functionality, social media and collaboration. We designed wireframes to show the new information architecture and built clickable prototypes to enable us to test interaction design concepts. The Digital Services team has applied the Digital Strategy and Roadmap to the website transformation and have progressively applied the proposed information architecture across the website in a phased approach.

Case study: Royal Automobile Association (South Australia)

Driving success in South Australia

The Brief

Eighteen month after launching its new website, RAA recognised that the site was not meeting its full potential in helping deliver on the strategic plan. The team was keen to understand issues standing in the way of members and other users of their website being able to more easily ‘self serve’.

The Outcome

It was clear that members value the “human touch” services of the RAA and being a part of a local organisation. We grouped our Future State Recommendations into themes that mirrored RAA’s business strategy, to help them prioritise different ‘pain points’ and to support the internal adoption of the initiatives. The roadmap included recommended projects to increase engagement with members, to adopt staff training programs for content and usability, and introduce personalised content for members.

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